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Welcome to my professional web site. 

Is your company:
  • Experiencing rapid growth (or the opposite)?
  • Planning to transition from informal to professional management?
  • Undergoing rapid change?
  • Encountering complex projects and new technologies?
  • Seeking to improve its financial reporting, workflows, or human and risk management?
  • Encountering cash flow or profitability problems?
  • Needing some help cleaning up its books, establishing a budget, and preparing its tax records?
  • Need some help writing a business plan, forecasting, or analyzing your financial results?

My mission is to help businesses achieve their goals by improving their decision-making -- through enhanced financial acumen, better access to management information, identifying opportunities, controlling risk, and reducing unnecessary effort.

I am a CPA with:
  • Over two decades of experience in finance and accounting, including public accountant, Controller/Chief Financial Officer, and consultant.
  • Competence in staff training, project management, and use of technology.
  • A background in the fields of public accounting, insurance, construction, technology, not-for-profit, and local government.
  • Expertise in several industries for firms ranging in size from small partnerships to major corporations.
  • Specialization in financial analysis, business process improvement, research, business writing, and technology implementations.
  • Skills that range from routine bookkeeping and staff supervision on up to overhauling entire workflows, major technology implementations, advising owners, and interacting with lawyers, bankers, and Boards of Directors.
  • 15 years of residence in the Roaring Fork Valley.
I have done just about everything related to managing a business. If I haven't done it, I know how to learn it, or find an expert who can.

Invest in your company by obtaining qualified professional assistance to help you tighten up, clean up, ramp up, and climb up to the "next level".

Primary areas of work:
  • Accounting and financial analysis
  • Clean-up & improvement projects
  • Creating new systems
  • Business writing/Grant writing
  • Modeling and projections
  • Getting to the next level
  • Dealing with adversity

I offer contract service at competitive rates on an hourly and fixed bid basis.  I perform engagements ranging from a few hours of analysis to long-term projects managing major implementations.  For more information on my expertise and services, click on the links to the left.

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